Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?

In my daily internet crawling I came across an interesting parenting piece in the Huffington Post called Have American Parents Got It All Backwards?  (Click to see the whole article).  I thought it might be a nice piece to get this blog rolling :D

I like some of the suggestions the article makes for parenting differently.  To give you an idea the article says:

  • "Let 3-year-olds climb trees and 5-year-olds use knives."  Do this to help the child "hone their judgement".  (Of course, I'd recommend that you continue to use your good judgment about your child's capabilities).
  • "Fuel their feelings of frustration."  Do this to help your child develop "the art of waiting and self-control".
  • "Spoil thy baby."  More specifically it says co-sleeping and responding quickly to an infant leads to "independent and self-reliant children".
  • "Children need to feel obligated."  This will help motivate your child (older children to adolescents) to achieve.  

What do you think?  Do you agree or disagree with these parenting strategies?