Bi Weekly Roundup

Welcome back from the holidays!  I took a bit of a break, so this week's list of good reads is pretty short.  Below I give my take on what I like about each article... which isn't necessarily the takeaway meant to be taken.  Read on....

1.  This article summarizes a 30+ year study that looks at how different childhood experiences and parent relationships impact our relationships, social aptitudes, and sense of self in adulthood. Basically, a child's temperament combined with parenting behaviors in the first 3 1/2 years of life do influence a person 20-30 years later.  As a therapist I know that there is an infinite number of emotional, behavioral, and psychological combinations that can result  from a child's natural disposition/temperament, the parenting style/methods, socio-economic status, and life opportunities.  However, I think it is important as a parent to think about how our parenting styles might be influencing our children down the line.  It's a mental exercise that when used often enough helps us to parent "mindfully".  That isn't the point of this article particularly, but that's my personal take-away.

2.  This next article is a nice reminder that stereotyping someone with a drug addiction isn't a helpful to you or the person with the addiction.

3.  This is a nice description of what it's like to have ADHD, an often times misunderstood and over diagnosed condition.