I'm Featured by NAASFP as a Certified Marathon Coach

I was recently contacted by the program I received my Run Coach certification through (NAASFP, North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals) to be featured on their website. I’m honored to have been chosen and am so excited that my story is being shared with so many people.

Check out my feature! http://runcertified.com/kjersti-nelson-mrc/

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll find:

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14 Day Anxiety Challenge for Runners

Anxiety is when a person worries excessively, feels apprehensive, is restless, irritable, tense, stressed, or easily fatigued.  Everyone experiences anxiety.  However, if it starts to interfere with your daily life making some lifestyle changes and/or seeking therapy may be something to consider.  

In the spirit of self-care I've created the first of many "challenges".  You've maybe seen similar challenges floating around on pinterest, instagram, and the like.  I thought I'd try my hand at it and create a challenge for people interested in reducing/managing their anxiety that already have an established running routine.  Exercise has been shown to be an effective tool for managing stress and anxiety.  Other effective tools are meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation trainings.     

If you don't run this can easily be adjusted for walkers.  Walking produces many of the same stress relieving effects as running.  

I'd recommend runs/walks reflect your current practices, or build your endurance gradually.  


Homage to Coach and Adding to My Professional Credentials

Last December I was giving out some unsolicited running advice to a friend.  He said, "how do you know so much about running?"  I responded quickly, "I had a really great coach."  Then a couple months ago I was invited to a Facebook group to honor my long distance running coach from high school.  He is retiring.  I have very fond memories of him, my team, and our adventures.  

Both moments really got me reflecting on the importance of a good coach.  I've had a few coaches, and they were all good, but the first one, Coach Young, was by far the best and most influential.  He didn't just design workouts and hold us accountable.  He fostered a sense of community, he taught us the fundamentals of running technique, performance, and injury prevention/care.  He took us to beautiful places, even took us camping once a year; he made running a lifestyle.  He pushed us further than we thought we could go, and was supportive through all the ups and downs.  I came away from it all not just knowing how to run, but how to live well.      

For years I've been contemplating getting the credentials to be a running coach.  Now I'm actually doing it!  I have some lofty ideas and goals, but my number one hope is to be just a smidgen as good of a coach as Coach Young.  If I can do that, then I'll call it success.

I hope you can join me on this journey.