Mental Health Run Streak Challenge

I’ve been inspired by the Runner’s World Summer 2019 Run Streak challenge (#RWRunStreak). Starting on Memorial Day (tomorrow) until July 4th I’ll be running at least 1-mile per day. I invite you to join me! I’m adding my own twist to the streak: tracking how the daily runs impact mental health.

Goal: Run at least one mile every day for 39 consecutive days and track the mental health impact.

Why: Daily runs promote sustained mood balance and is an active coping strategy for dealing with life’s ebbs and flows. Daily runs leave a person feeling accomplished, and will really solidify or kickstart a healthy wellness-based habit.

How: You can still follow any training plan you have going on (although the mileage might need to be adjusted a bit), however, on your rest days keep that daily run to a mile and really go slow. If you are just starting out, just do 1 mile every day, and use a walk/run combo.

Don’t do this if you are injured, are prone to running hard every run and don’t think you’ll treat some runs as easy-recovery-runs, OR for health reasons you are not recommended to do this sort of exercise by your doctor. *Before starting any exercise program you should always consult your doctor.

To track your runs and the emotional/mood impact, please use my free printable. If you are on social media you can also use the following tags: #RWRunStreak #RunStreakForMentalHealth and tag me! @kjersti_running_therapy on instagram.