Running with Mindfulness: Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) To Improve Low-Mood, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Running with Mindfulness by William Pullen is a good self-help book that gives new meaning to the phrase "running is my therapy".  This book provides lots of rhetorical questions to ponder while running.  Questions that relate to your relationships, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, etc.  The book also explains how Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) works---combining mindfulness and movement.  


Mindful Running

Mindful Running: How Meditative Running Can Improve Performance and Make You a Happier, More Fulfilled Person by McKenzie L. Havey is the latest book out on combining mindfulness with running for therapeutic and running performance benefits.  McKenzie is trained in MBSR---Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, founded by John Kabat-Zinn, a well known therapy/mental health practice that uses meditation and active awareness to ease pains and anxieties of all sorts. 

With this book she explores the research, shares anecdotal stories, and provides how-to's for combining mindfulness (MBSR) with running.  This is a very influential book in my own practice as a therapist and a runner.